Hi, I’m Peter. 

In case anyone wonders who’s behind this – a few words. We live in charming Port Credit, a suburban village of Toronto. My own résumé is on LinkedIn.

We’re not extreme riders, rather, travel nuts who simply love riding. Somehow we’ve managed to drive over a hundred countries spanning decades, many on two wheels. 

A bunch of BMW bikes, many Hondas and decades later, I'm currently on my third Wing in a row, an '06 GL1800. It’s my last bike – see my 'trophy ride' photo below.

I’m the only biker to choose a GL1800 for an ‘enduro lite’ RTW ride – for largely technical reasons explained in the WheezyRider.com blog. It turned out a good choice versus picking another BMW boxer, of which I've had many in the past. (Most international adventure riders pick a lighter R-series BMW.) But from my experience, GL1800’s are built like a very comfortable tank for two-up distance rides – albeit a 'tank' that can slalom between potholes with the best of them. Two-up and full luggage narrows the bike field – so does the necessity of low-octane gas. Then there's that bulletproof Wing drive train ... 

I started ThePerfectRide because certain road warrior items I wanted didn’t exist. So I made them. They worked well. Other riders asked. And here we are. There’ll be more items coming, stay tuned!

About the fine design/engineering: Chris Ricketts was our sole engineer at The Cape Horn Inc. sold back in 2003, which built 16 of the finest trans-ocean yachts afloat. Ships are among the most exacting engineering challenges and what a great job Chris did. I'm fortunate to be working with this fine engineer again.

In case you have any problems or complaints about our Perfect products, I’m to blame for anything less than 'Perfect' that we sell. Drop an email at any time, you’ll get answered, even if we're riding country #101!

Oh, and we also love compliments and five-star product reviews! (Hint, hint.)

I look forward to hearing from you either way.

Peter J Sever, President


Two minutes video: Where we rode, on a moving map
Seven minutes video: Photos and a few stories

 BIKE-RIDING HISTORY (just the 2-wheel parts):   
          • 60+ countries on two wheels
          • 50+ years of riding
          • 15+ BMWs & HONDAs
AFRICA: Ghana • Togo • Benin • Nigeria (plus 12 more in Africa on 4 wheels) 

MIDDLE EAST: Morocco • Algeria • Tunisia • Libya • Egypt • Israel • Turkey • Syria • Jordan • Iran
ASIA: India • Pakistan • Vietnam • Laos • Cambodia • Thailand • Malaysia • Singapore • Indonesia • East Timor
AMERICAS & OZ: Australia • Mexico • USA Fifty States • Canada All
EUROPE: Norway • Sweden • Finland • Denmark • Estonia • Latvia • Lithuania • Poland • Belgium • Netherlands • France • Switzerland • Bulgaria • Romania • 
Italy • Greece • Spain • Portugal • Hungary • Austria • Serbia • Croatia • Bosnia •
Albania • Macedonia • Czech Republic • Slovakia • UK • Germany • others en route

A detailed round-world blog of Wheezy Rider's 2-yr trip:

This 2006 GL1800 has been torture-tested RTW in 60-some countries, all two-up. Photo taken in 2017. All original paint except for the airbrushing by Ron Gibbs. Click to zoom full-page if interested.