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  1. Best way to hang 2 helmets vs rolling off seat.
  2. Easy-install in a couple minutes.
  3. Leave both intercom cords plugged in.
  4. Work with or without HandGuards.
  5. Solid 316 stainless steel.
  6. Work with flip-up, full-face or any helmet.

During pit stops, we much prefer leaving intercom cords connected. One less repeated hassle; less wear 'n tear on the cords and connectors.

Hanging helmets here allows rising engine heat to rise and dry out some helmet sweat. 

Honda's lockable trunk hooks are fine. However disconnecting and re-plugging the intercom cords several times a day gets old. Helmets scratch the rear paint. Plus, they're awkward to unlock when the trunk is packed. 

Our HelmetPosts are much more convenient and less hassle.

Some riders are concerned about theft in certain areas. It's easy to add a lock to ours; just put a small padlock thru the holes as in the photos. Suitcase-sized combination padlocks are available everywhere and they store easily in a fairing pocket.

In case your helmet doesn't have a D-ring, many online stores sell them. Find rust-proof ones about the same width as your helmet chin strap. They're easily added to the strap. Our Schuberth C3s for example came without.

Nothing complex is involved. Just replace Honda's lever bolts with ours in a few minutes – making sure you grease the friction part prior to installation. That's also how you attach/detach the HandGuards; it couldn't be much simpler or stronger.

We've used both ours and a competitive brand of helmet post for over a decade without a single problem. Helmet hooks are so convenient, unobtrusive, we can't think of a single reason to not install them.

The competition's product works great too; it's a question of taste. We like the simpler looks of ours and the solid 316 stainless aspect.

Ours were designed specifically to work with HandGuards, nothing else exists to hold them in place.

Unconditional lifetime warranty to original purchaser.